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Cocktail Party Menu


Olive, tomato, eggplant, sundried tomato, mushroom.

Southwestern chicken with sweet peppers and spicy cajun cream cheese.

Poached prawns in gin with a horseradish dill cream cheese.

Mini salmon Wellingtons.


Seared scallops with mango and strawberry chutney.

Tuna tartar with cucumber salad.

Smoked salmon with crème fresh.

Crab and avocado with spice wasabi mayo.

Seared crusted tuna with a daikon salad soya reduction.

Beef and shitake mushrooms.

Chicken and papaya salad with cilantro.


Brie and lingonberry wrapped in phyllo pastry.

Spanikopita with spinach and feta cheese.

Mini beef Wellingtons.

Pork rolladen with caramelized onion, red apple and sundried cranberry.

Mini chicken Wellingtons.